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Click here to bring Sarah Palin back to Michigan

Dear Friends –

This past week, the McCain for President Campaign announced that it was reallocating resources from Michigan and moving them to other states. Since that announcement, Vice Presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin, said she was not ready to give up on Michigan and that she and Todd would “be happy” to campaign in this great state.

We are launching a statewide petition drive to take Governor Palin up on her word that she would be happy to campaign in this state, but we need your help to accomplish this goal.

If we can reach 100,000 supporters in the next 7 days, we believe we can convince the campaign to send Sarah Palin to Michigan and help us deliver our 17 electoral votes for the Republican nominee for the first time in 20 years.

By signing this petition, you are showing that the support for the McCain-Palin ticket in Michigan remains strong and that we are redoubling our efforts to win this state.

Signing the petition is easy, simply click here and complete the online form and your name will be added to the growing list of supporters statewide.

In addition to signing this petition, forward this link to all of your friends and McCain-Palin supporters across this great state and ask them to sign the form as well.

This will be one of the largest grassroots movements this state has ever seen, but we must take action today!

Citizens across this state have been the victims of the Granholm economic policies and we cannot sit back and allow Barack Obama to implement the Granholm economic plan nationwide that will include higher taxes, further job losses and even more home foreclosures.

Thank you for working to save Michigan and to make sure we bring the McCain-Palin team back to this great state. With your help, we will win this November!


Fight for Michigan Team

PS: Please remember to get your family and friends to sign this petition and forward this on to as many people as possible in Michigan!


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