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Get a Campaign Website with EVERYTHING For Under $25. Most Popular Features: Secure Donation Page, Volunteer Signup Form, Easy Editing, Online Survey Page, HTML Bulk Emailer, Personalized Email Accounts, Auto-Responder Emails, Calendar/Events Page, Photo Galleries, Blog Page, Newsletter Subscription Box, Endorsements Page, Flash Intros, Contact Us Page, Use Your Own Domain

Now every campaign in America can afford a professional website with the exact same powerful features you see on websites for BIG million-dollar campaigns.

It’s hard to believe, but for less than $25 you could have a full-featured campaign website live on the Internet by this time tomorrow! And we’re not talking about some basic one page “online brochure.” We’re talking about a real website with all the bells and whistles like a secure credit card contributions page, volunteer signup form, online survey, photo gallery and much more!

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The amazing technology makes building a professional website easier, faster, and more affordable than ever before.
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Affordable Campaign Websites

The big secret is proprietary technology we’ve spent over two years and thousands of dollars perfecting. It’s an amazingly powerful piece of software with an incredibly easy user interface that allows anyone who can surf the Internet to be their own campaign webmaster. It’s true. The fact that you are reading this webpage right now means that you have the skills, software, and equipment necessary to build your own campaign website.

More than 2,100 campaigns used our system in the last election cycle – including candidates for U.S. House and Senate. Most of the websites were built by people who never dreamed they could be a campaign webmaster – they had very limited computer knowledge and absolutely no idea how websites worked.

It’s really that easy. Click here to give it a try with our FREE no-risk 30-day trial.

Every aspect of has been built to achieve four objectives:
  1. Provide powerful features campaigns can use to turn their websites into professional communication tools rather than simple “online brochures”.
  2. Develop easy management tools that allow even the most novice Internet user to take full advantage of all the features.
  3. Allow enough flexibility for campaigns to customize their websites to fit their unique circumstances and achieve their specific goals.
  4. Offer the entire system at an amazing price even the lowest-budget campaigns can afford.

Simply put, every piece of has been planned, programmed, and priced to offer our customers the most powerful and easy campaign website builder anywhere. Click here to see what our customers say.

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No risk. No commitment. No catch.

You also should know that we constantly upgrade and improve our system. We invest more time and money to make sure our system is easy to use than in any other area.

More Features and Flexibilty Than Any Other Campaign Website Builder

With, your only limitation is your imagination.

Our system includes over 50 powerful features -- all of which include the flexibility you need to customize your website however you want. All it takes is a few clicks to put these powerful features to work for your campaign. Here are just a few examples:
  • Adding, editing, and formatting text on your website is as easy as using a word processor. No special coding or software is required. [See Demo]
  • Setting up your secure online credit card contribution page will take less than 60 seconds – and only five clicks! [See Demo]
  • You can have as many pages as you want and you get to choose what each page is named and what content you put on it. [See Demo]
  • Adding images to your website can be done in just two clicks. [See Demo]
  • In less than 30 seconds you can easily add cool pages like calendar, issues, contact us, survey, links, photo gallery, endorsements, blog, bio, and more. [See Demo]
  • You can email any or all of your email lists by simply choosing the lists to mail, typing your email, and clicking send. [See Demo]

Click here to see a full list of all the features we offer.


Even though our price is significantly lower than ALL our competitors, you don’t need to worry about hidden fees or any other catch.

Our pricing is all-inclusive.

For just $24.95/month or $197/year you get access to all the powerful features our site builder offers plus everything else you need to manage your campaign website. There’s NO extra charge for hosting. NO extra charge for email. NO extra charge if you get a lot of visitors.

Our competitors charge extra for those – but we don’t!

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No risk. No commitment. No catch.

The only extra fee you’ll pay is a small processing fee for any credit card contributions processed using our online credit card processing system. If you have your own merchant account for credit card processing, though, you won’t be charged anything at all.

No setup fees. No minimum number of months. No cancellation fees. And that’s not all!

Our price-protection guarantee means you don’t have to worry about us jacking up the price a few months from now. In other words, $24.95/month or $197/year is the most you will ever pay.

If we increase our prices (whether it’s one day or one year from now), you won’t pay any extra…BUT…if we lower our prices, we’ll adjust your billing to reflect the lower price!

You can’t lose.

To top it all off, you even get all our upgrades for free as well. When we release new features, you get them for free – regardless of how much you’re paying at the time.

No Hidden Fees +
No Prices Increases +
Free Upgrades
= No Worries for You.

Full-Time Support Team Always Ready to Help

Our system is so user-friendly most customers never need to call on our support staff.

However, you’ll be happy to know that if you ever have any questions or need help with your website, our full-time support team is always on call and ready to help. The best part is – unlike some of our competitors – our tech support is always FREE.

You can get personalized support from our trained professionals any time via our online support desk.

Our help desk also has a full user manual, an FAQ with answers to more than 300 common questions, and more than 45 minutes of training videos to walk you thru every feature.


You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s the catch? How can they provide a $4,000-$6,000 website for less than $25 per month?” It’s a question we get all the time.

To help ease your mind and to eliminate any hesitation you might have, we offer an iron-clad, unconditional 110% money-back guarantee.

If you are ever not satisfied with our product, will refund 110% of what you’ve paid. No exceptions. No fine print. No catch. Even if you use the system for two years and decide it’s not meeting your expectations we’ll refund everything you’ve paid PLUS an additional 10%!

Try it Free!
No risk. No commitment. No catch.

That’s what we mean by unconditional. It doesn’t matter when or why. If you’re ever not satisfied, we’ll honor this guarantee.

Why the extra 10%?

It’s simple. Anyone can offer a basic money-back guarantee. After all, what do they have to lose? We’ve added the extra 10% as a small way to thank you for putting your trust in us. By adding the extra 10% we’re the only ones taking any risk. Worst case scenario for you is that you get a 10% return on your investment. This way, you’re not risking anything when you give us a try.

We also think it tells you how confident we are in our product. With a guarantee this strong, if we didn’t deliver on all our promises we wouldn’t be in business.

We’re asking you to put your trust in us. It’s only right that we take some risk.

“Thank you! My website brought in 3 times what I paid for it in less than one month.”
Dan MacDonald, Indiana

“Campaign Site Builder gave me tremendous agility as a candidate. I could literally respond on the website to major developments in the campaign within hours while  it took my opposition days.”
Ed Setzler, Georgia

“I wouldn't do another campaign without your website program.”
Alex Ray, Maryland

“I wish more companies took customer service as seriously as you do.”
Wade Lance, Washington

“It only took a computer illiterate guy like me about two hours to figure out and create the website I have thus far. This is really amazing!”
Matt Throckmorton, Utah

“Your program allowed me to build my own professional looking website in just a few hours for a fraction of the price quoted by others.”
Chuck Muth, Maryland

“What a time and money saver!”
Mari Ellis, Michigan

“I certainly could not have put the website out there that I did without Campaign Site Builder, and definitely not for the same low price.”
Ron Cormier, NH Selectman

“Campaign Site Builder is a bargain for the price.”
Fred Register, California

“I have no idea why a small campaign would choose any other solution for their website.”
Jim Parker, Colorado

“I had my campaign web site up and running in a matter of hours, saving valuable time!”
Sofie Hosford, North Carolina

“You have truly created a product that is user friendly and we are really finding out the beauty of having a website with your company.”
Sheila Walts, Republican Party of Wyoming

“If I run again, I will definitely use your services. Thanks for making it so easy.
Jeanette Popp, Texas

“Your site allowed us to focus on our time and energy on the campaign and not on the technology.”
David Neufeld, Colorado

“My return to office is evidence enough of the success of your site and products.”
Greg Wagner, Virginia

Most Popular Features
Secure Donation Page
Accept credit card contributions securely with just one click.

Volunteer Signup Form
Build a powerful grassroots army using the online volunteer signup page.

Easy Editing
Our easy editor makes changing the content on your website simple.

Online Survey Page
Easily add online surveys and polls to your website at no extra cost.

HTML Bulk Emailer
Quickly send professionally-designed HTML newsletters, alerts, releases and more!

Personalized Email Accounts
Look more professional with email addresses personalized to your website address.

Auto-Responder Emails
Automatically send thank you emails to donors and volunteers.

Calendar/Events Page
Display your campaign events with directions, contact info, and more!

Photo Galleries
Easily organize and display campaign photos with any of our three photo galleries.

Blog Page
Increase return traffic to your website by adding a blog.

Newsletter Subscription Box
Build a large opt-in email list by adding a newsletter subscription box.

Endorsements Page
Show growing momentum by adding an endorsements page to your website.

Flash Intros
Add some sizzle to your website by adding a flash intro at no extra charge.

Contact Us Page
Make it easy for people to contact your campaign with a contact us page that includes a contact form.

Use Your Own Domain
Look more professional by using your own domain name ( Use a new domain or simply transfer your existing one.

>> More Features


▪ County Parties
▪ Non-profit Organizations
▪ Citizen Activists
▪ Spoof Websites
▪ Student Government
▪ Lobbying Efforts
▪ City Parties
▪ Coalition Groups
▪ Personal Blogs
▪ Associations
▪ Issues Campaigns
▪ Initiatives & Referendums
▪ Attack Websites
▪ Political Action Committees
▪ Political Clubs
▪ Grassroots Issue Campaigns
▪ Political Conferences
▪ Issue Blogs
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Affordable Campaign Websites
Free Domain Name with Your Campaign Website
To celebrate the recent release of our latest upgrade, we’re offering the following three FREE bonuses -- valued at $65.90 -- to all new customers who subscribe before 8/1/2016 (click here for more detailed information on each bonus):

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FREE BONUS #3: Seven "How-to" Campaign Special Reports ($24.95 value)
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