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Conservative Republican

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Welcome to the Campaign Website for Henry E Camaioni, Republican Candidate for Maryland Delegate, 29A

This Campaign is For the People!

There have been many accusations made concerning some of our local elected officials in the past few years, there have been repeated news articles concerning the exploits of local officials and also some of our local governmental agencies. While taxes are raised and service prices are increased the problems appear to be multiplying. The response to the problems is almost always the same, multiple excuses, denials, and what appears to be a disregard for the fact that they are supposed to be in their positions to serve the people.  It is about time that the idea of “of the people by the people for the people” is reintroduced into our local government.

 Perhaps the 2010 election will be a reminder that these officials hold their positions at the pleasure of the citizens and none of them are entitled by bloodline, marriage, corporate or political connections to any position in government.

The government already has enough entitlement programs.

Henry E. Camaioni

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