Commissioner Richard Rothschild

District 4: Protecting Property Rights/Values: Restraining Government

  Agenda 21
  Rain Tax
  Gun Rights
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“ Richard is a conservative with a backbone.  He understands what made America great and fights tirelessly to preserve the fundamental principles of limited government and personal freedom.  He has demonstrated great courage under fire," Ellen Sauerbrey

Why Richard?  I Kept my Promises to You!

First and foremost, I'm a CONSERVATIVE, and believe "Gov't-Run-Amuck" is the single greatest threat to our Constitutional Rights!  

I've ridden all over North America, and I LOVE CARROLL COUNTY.  Our beautiful vistas; babbling creeks; pristine parks and schools; and people are among the best.  

I am NOT A POLITICIAN, but fiscal irresponsibility by the current administration in Washington, coupled with the epic Pathways assault on our property rights (especially our farmers and communities) convinced me it was time to use my business skills to defend and protect the County we love. 

My candidacy is not an act of ambition.  It is an act of love to protect the heritage and the rural lifestyle you and I love that for all practical purposes is on the "endangered species list" in light of ongoing government attempts to "fix" our county.

If you're looking for a politician to dole out favors; fund pork barrel programs; and promote high density development... I'm NOT your guy. 

I will draw a line in the sand to protect the rural heritage that brought all of us to Carroll County in the first place:  

·        Less Government & Lower Taxes

·       Stand Our Ground AGAINST O'Malley and Annapolis

·        Protection of YOUR Property Rights

·        A Sheriff’s Dept as our primary Law Enforcement Agency

·        A rigid profit & loss analysis of the incinerator, and consideration of alternatives including reduction & avoidance  solutions, coupled with newer technologies. 

·        -Preservation of our rural agricultural lifestyle.

·       Opposition to higher density residential development.

·     A Business friendly administration. 

Additionally, I'm easy to deal with.  If I cause you heartburn, just phone me.  I'm a big fan of working things out face to face with help of a pen and the back of a napkin (smile).  And my definition of integrity is really quite simple, "Say what you'll do and do what you say." 

Our country has suffered too long under politicians that try to gain favor by kowtowing for grants; using smoke and mirrors to justify budgetary excess and irresponsibility, and; adopting easy decisions that are politically correct.  My position is simple... Bad decisions that sound good politically are still BAD decisions.  

Finally, I don't believe voters want anymore community activists; ideologues; bureaucrats or professional politicians for their commissioner  I believe voters want leaders with real management skills, integrity, and a sense of personal responsibility.

Please take a minute and read my ISSUES section and see if any of my philosophies or ideas resonate with you. If you believe you've got a better solution, email or phone me.  It's that simple... and I'll make sure you get the credit for the idea if implemented.

If my approach has touched you, I ask you to be sure to mark your calendars and vote in the upcoming ELECTIONS  


Richard Rothschild- Your District 4 County Commissioner.   Promises Made-Promises Kept!











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Paid for by SW Carroll for Rothschild, Bruce Holstein, Treasurer