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A Very Special Message

Dear Fellow Houstonians:  I am Bob Schoellkopf and I am pleased to announce my 2011 candidacy for Houston City Council District A.  As a native Houstonian, my lifetime experience will guide me in my service to you the people of District A. I have lived in District A for 41 years and know the area well. I am fully in the people business. I believe in a government of the people, by the people and for the people. If I am elected, I will make sure the people have a voice on the city council. I intend to listen to what the people of District A have to say about their neighborhood problems and my staff will do everything to address your concerns and issues. I will not give a rubber stamp vote of approval to items that come before the City Council nor give in to special interests for campaign donations. We need an honest and transparent city government. I will have a open door policy for all citizens, you won't have to meet in the lobby, hallway or stairwell, I promise you will be able to meet me in a Real Councilmembers Office.  

I have served as a community activist for many years. I worked with the Houston Fire Department on a project to get emergency safety lights for the Firehouse #4 on West Little York Rd. Due to our efforts, the firehouse now has the safety light feature ,which protects not only the firefighters from an accident, but the citizens as well. As your council member I will actively promote the use of Opticom  sensors to prevent accidents when emergency vehicles must pass through busy intersections. 

I am a strong independent thinker who wants to serve and help my fellow Houstonians succeed and prosper. Together we can work to solve and improve traffic congestion, protect our neighborhoods from crime, and provide better planning for development. I will work to keep city tax rates low and make utility companies justify rate increases. I will also promote the development of park land in District A that has stood vacant and neglected for years. This will give nearby residents the recreational green space they need in our neighborhoods.You will have a voice if I am elected. So please join us in our efforts to make this a better city for all.


 Remember Vote "Bob" November 8, 2011     

            For Houston City Council District A

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