Michelle Litjens for the 56th State Assembly
Making The Tough Decisions For A Better Wisconsin



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Cut Spending! Wisconsin cannot spend more money than we acquire.  It should be illegal to steal money from an independent fund to "balance" the budget.  We must hold those accountable who continue to spend money frivolously. The citizens of Wisconsin are all on a budget. Why isn't our government?



In Wisconsin we are being taxed more and more each year with less to show for it. Property taxes alone are the 8th highest in the country.


Those in control know the only way to sustain their spending is to continuously raise our taxes. Our homegrown companies are being taxed out of the state. If I ran my small business this way my employees and I would be adding to the unemployment rolls!



Wisconsin must reduce the tax and regulatory burden put on businesses so they can flourish and start hiring again! Let the private sector alone so it can do what it does best - create jobs.



I believe it's a baby. It is our moral duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  I am pro-life.


I am the only candidate endorsed by both Wisconsin Right to Life and Pro-Life Wisconsin.


2nd Amendment:

I support allowing Concealed Carry permits in Wisconsin.  We are one of only three states in the Country without that right.


I am the only candidate endorsed by the National Riffle Association in this race. I am also the only candidate who received an "A" rating from the NRA.    



The United States of America has the most superior healthcare providers in the world.  We do not have a healthcare crisis, we have an affordability issue. The best way to solve the affordability issue is through the free market. 


We need complete transparency. As a consumer, I want to know what I am buying.


Last but not least, we need tort reform. We must end the frivolous lawsuits. Sadly, doctors order unnecessary tests and exams in order to protect themselves from lawsuits. Let's let the doctors be doctors.  



Our Founding Fathers knew that without an educated public our government would fall to into the hands of tyrants.


We need to reinstate local control of our schools, give school boards help in negotiating contracts to bring salaries and benefits in line with the private sector and get back to educating our children so that they can grow to become productive members of our society.


We also need to have an honest conversation: do we want out schools to be day care centers or places of higher learning.  35th in the world for math isn't acceptable. 


We need to look at ideas from the past that worked like technical high schools for those who aren't interested in going on to college. 



Almost all of us are the offspring of immigrants.  My husband's father and family came here from Holland in 1957 after the war.  They waited 7 years to obtain visas and paid $10,000 for 2 adults and 6 children.  It took his family 8 years after they arrived to become full-fledged citizens. 

We are so blest to live in a country where people literally die to come here.  Few countries in the world can boast that.  But living on American soil means nothing if we are a country without laws.  We must enforce the laws we have on the books. 

Everyone is welcome in our country, they must follow the rules to get here. 

I fully support an Arizona type law in Wisconsin. 



We can no longer afford to have government function in a "business as usual" mode.  It is time Wisconsin's government undergoes a fundamental change at its core and that starts with the state legislature. 


Most states' legislative houses meet only 6-8 weeks a year.  Legislators perform their duties, pass their budget and then return home to their real jobs.  They have a few meetings throughout the year and can be called into special session if a crisis arises.  This allows people from all walks of life to participate in the legislative process and, more importantly, it gives our representatives the opportunity AND OBLIGATION to work and function within the laws they create. 


Can this be done?  Wisconsin's State Legislature was in session 33 days in 2010, a few days more than in 2009.  There is always work to do, but perhaps if our representatives spent more time at home and less time dreaming up ways to spend more money, our state would be in a much better financial situation today. 










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