Jan 29, 2015
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Announcing the new 11th District Committee!

Position 2011-2013 Officers Home County
Chairman John Wallace Cherokee
First Vice-Chairman Helmut Baxter Cherokee
Vice-Chairman of Communication and IT Rob Adkerson Bartow
Vice-Chairman of Fundraising Fred Kittle Bartow
Vice-Chairman of Programs and Events Susan Crockett Bartow
Recording Secretary Mindie Glidewell Bartow
Corresponding Secretary Lynda Chapman Fulton
Treasurer Vince Clanton Cobb
Assistant Treasurer Barbara Baxter Cherokee
Immediate Past Chairman Chairman of the new 14th Darrell Galloway
Bartow County Chairman Louis DeBroux Bartow
Cherokee County Chairman Robert Rugg Cherokee
Cobb County Chairman Joe Dendy Cobb
Fulton County Chairman Roger Bonds-non-voting Fulton
State Committee #1 Fred Kittle Bartow
State Committee #2 Wayne Rice Bartow
State Committee #3 Helmut Baxter Cherokee
State Committee #4 Peter Castello Cherokee
State Committee #5 Jeffery Duncan Cherokee
State Committee #6 Melinda Mock Cherokee
State Committee #7 Robert Rugg Cherokee
State Committee #8 John Wallace Cherokee
State Committee #9 Lautoria Morgan Cobb
State Committee #10 Rose Wing Cobb
State Committee #11 Lynda Chapman Fulton
State Committee #12 Val Betz Fulton
State Committee #13 John Wallace Cherokee
District Committee #1 David Palmer Bartow
District Committee #2 Susan Crockett Bartow
District Committee #3 Michael Huneke  Bartow
District Committee #4 Mindie Glidewell Bartow
District Committee #5 Holly Duncan Cherokee
District Committee #6 Diane Rugg Cherokee
District Committee #7 Barbara Baxter Cherokee
District Committee #8 Jeff Whitmire Cherokee
District Committee #9 Conrad Quagliaroli Cherokee
District Committee #10 Barry Paulk Cobb
District Committee #11 Carolyn Garcia Cobb
District Committee #12 John Delves Cobb
District Committee #13 James Flanagin Cobb
District Committee #14 James Watson Cobb
District Committee #15 Vince Clanton Cobb
District Committee #16 Stephen Leake Fulton
District Committee #17 Robert Shaw Fulton
State Committee Over 80k Chairman Joe Dendy Cobb




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