Commissioner Richard Rothschild, Conservative

District 4: Protecting Property Rights/Values: Restraining Government

  Agenda 21
  Rain Tax
  Gun Rights
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Preserving Carroll's heritage and freedoms
Those that disregard the Constitution and the role of God 
in our country are those that know the least about either. 
-Commissioner Richard Rothschild
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Commissioner Rothschild is the "face of conservatism in Carroll County." The Northern News, June 20, 2013
"We see him [Rothschild] as a public official who has taken his oath of office seriously and, like our founders, has the temerity to stand up in defense of the Constitution and the rule of law," Institute on the Constitution -- 2013

“ Richard is a conservative with a backbone.  He understands what made America great and fights tirelessly to preserve the fundamental principles of limited government and personal freedom.  He has demonstrated great courage under fire", Ellen Sauerbrey, former Conservative Gubernatorial Candidate
NULLIFICATION of Second Amendment Impingements:  Click on NULLIFICATION in Menu for Draft Introduction; Preamble; and Draft Resolutions for local consideration.
 Firm Conservative Leadership to:   


·     Restrain Gov't Run Amuck

·    Protect Your Property Rights

·    Trim  Spending & Stop the Rain Tax

·    Devise incinerator alternatives

·    Defend 2nd Amendment rights

·    Stop Common Core

·    Promote education 

     excellence & choice

·          Establish a business-friendly “mentality”

·    Reduce Government Debt


Dear Constituents,

Are you troubled by increasing intrusions of government into our lives and pocketbooks?

Are you tired of paying property taxes that feel more like a second mortgage? 

Instead of serving us, government wastes money and attempts to force its will upon us.

The PATHWAYS Plan was a perfect example. I am proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with other citizens to defeat this unwise and unpopular Plan. 

Government attempts to change our beautiful neighborhoods with office parks, rezoning, overlay gimmicks, and sponsored social initiatives are simply unacceptable.

 I am a common-sense no-nonsense person.  Most of you understand that unwise fiscal and social policies are bankrupting America. You want representatives who will restore financial discipline; and sanity to social policies.

As a Commissioner with proven experience and business judgment, I am resisting social engineering mandates from the State and Federal governments that threaten our rural lifestyle.  Additionally, I believe you will feel refreshed by my common-sense platform that places citizens ahead of government. 

My beliefs are straightforward:    As government grows bigger, the rights of individual citizens grow smaller.

I continue to govern based on five strategic promises I refer to as MY CARROLL COMMITMENTS:

(1) To Restrain government and preserve your Constitutional Rights and Property Values;

(2) To Preserve our rural heritage and lifestyle;

(3) To Budget with common sense; reduce debt; use creativity to solve problems without wasting any taxpayer money;

(4) To "Straight talk" with you. No word games- (I have no appetite for mealy-mouthed political speak); and

(5) To Represent You,

.. Now, isn't that a novel idea?  

For detailed NO-NONSENSE positions on specific issues, please see the ISSUES section of our website.

Help stop government run amuck and reinvigorate your Constitutional Rights... ENCOURAGE ALL LOCALLY ELECTED OFFICIALS TO UPHOLD THEIR OATHS!

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-Richard Rothschild






























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