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   Samuel Gonzalez Democrat Running for NY State Assemblyman of the 6th District 2012
      Samuel Gonzalez 51 is very proud to be running for NY State Assembly of the 6th District which includes portions of the hamlets of Brentwood, Baywood, Central Islip, Bay Shore, North Bay Shore, Islip and Islandia. He is a union delegate for the International Workers Union. Also a member of Labor councils and worked as a General Manager in the private sector for over 25years. And happily married for the last 16 years and proud father of three children.

         I would first like to say that I am very proud to be running for NY State Assembly 6th District. I have been a resident and homeowner in Brentwood since 2002 and have put my child through the Brentwood school districts elementary, freshman center and high school and on to college. I am someone who has been very active in this community and well aware of its concerns. For to long our political representatives have promised during re-election years and during their campaigns to fix the problems that are destroying this community. Election year after election year they are promising to fix the same old problems (have you noticed). They give out small monetary assistance to organizations and keep them loyal all the while knowing that if they only knew the amounts of money that should have stayed in this district that is sent to other parts of the state for political favors they would not be as loyal. Or the divide and conquer tactics by putting organizations against each other. Or taking the credit for funds that come into this community that they had nothing to with.         This is politics as usual...  

        Well I say to you the constituents of this district that I am not politics as usual, I do not owe anyone and my loyalty will be to one and only one. And that’s to the families of the 6th district. Stop talking just for the sake of talking to get a vote. We as a community have become aware and empowered and very smart. To my opponent I say you have talked the talk for too long... now I will walk the walk. And I will take this district in a new direction. To use a quote from my opponent, “The right approach is to put all this under one roof and start to focus on this in a comprehensive matter. Right now, we’re doing it piecemeal.” this is a quote that was used by my opponent in his approach to this communities problems last election year... Seems to me that piecemeal was his choice.

       It is time for a change in this district, and the time is now!!! Vote Samuel J. Gonzalez Democrat for NY State Assembly 6th District in this Primary Election 2012.

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