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Cut Spending, Reduce Taxes, Protect Our Borders

Bush Tax Cuts
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"Bigger the Government, Fewer the Jobs"

As a California resident for over forty years and a life long Republican, I see the results of the Democratís tax and spend policies. I, like you, know we cannot continue to leverage our childrenís future to fix the problems of today. Better solutions must be found or we will not pass on the American dream to our children. If we allow politicians and special interest to continue as they have been, the American dream will quickly become the American nightmare. As a father and a husband, I understand the responsibility to safeguard the future is mine and yours. Itís time to put serious minded, fiscally sound individuals in charge of this country. Like our parents worked to secure our future, we must work to secure our childrenís.


To do this, we must deal with the urgent problems of cutting spending, reducing the tax burden on our citizens and our businesses, opposing regulation and government intervention that is destroying our economy and securing our borders to protect our citizens.   


Together, we can build a better California and a better America. If you agree, then Iím asking for your support and your vote.


A better tomorrow is in our hands today!


Thank you,


Ed Schmerling,

your candidate for the 32nd Congressional District, U.S. House of Representatives.

















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