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Jeff Buhman was born the third of eight children of Dennis and Carolyn Buhman.  Living in a large family, he learned economy, how to work hard and how to be scrupulously honest. 


He attended Brigham Young University where he graduated in 1990 with a bachelorís degree in Economics.  He also served a mission for the Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Mexico City.  After completing his undergraduate work, he decided to again attend Brigham Young University for law school.


The first day of law school is a very unnerving day for every student.  As Jeff walked into the library, the first person he met was Cami Waldron.  She too was a new student to the J. Reuben Clark Law School and was completing a library assignment due before class began.  After working on the assignment a little together and finding it tedious, they decided to grab a bite to eat instead.  They discovered they were well-suited and as you may guess, they married in 1991 after their first year of law school.


The couple moved to Seattle, Washington, after graduating from law school in 1993.  Cami secured a position with a local law firm doing insurance defense work and Jeff worked with a small law firm doing general civil practice.  After about a year, Jeff and Cami both switched to a larger Seattle firm (Hessinger & Associates) in order to gain trial practice experience.  After several years of extensive trial work and litigation experience, their life developed in a different regard.  Jeff and Cami discovered they were expecting a child.  Cami, being a native of  Provo and graduate of Timpview High School, suggested they move back home to be closer to immediate family.  So, the couple decided to return to the safest, family-oriented community they could imagine to raise their children.  They sat for and passed the Utah Bar and moved back to Utah where Jeff joined the firm of Duval, Hansen Witt & Morley, doing mostly civil litigation.


After the birth of their first child, Jeff felt he needed to do something to serve his country.  He commissioned into the Army Reserves (96th Reserve Support Command), eventually becoming an Engineer, and later transferred to the Utah Army National Guard.  He is qualifed and trained both as an Army JAG and an Engineer.  For the past three and one-half years (up until March 4th) he served as Commander of  Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne).  Jeff is a Major and now is the Group Engineer for the 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne).


Jeff has prosecuted both in Washington County and Utah County.  During his nine year tenure at Utah County, he has prosecuted literally thousands of cases including everything from vandalism to arson;  domestic disputes to rape;  child sex offenses to child homicide; reckless driving to DUI; and assault to homicide.  In addition to his extensive leadership and trial experience, Jeff has served on the Ethics Committee of the Utah State Bar where he was required to judge the ethics of his legal peers.  He currently resides in North Orem with his wife and four children.

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