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Why I am running for the State District 22 Senate Race

By Ken Squires 12/29/2010

I came to Iberia Parish in the late 1980’s with the idea of introducing helicopter crop service to the area sugar cane farmers. In those days, I was literally living in a car at times, while towing behind me, on a trailer, a Korean War surplus Bell 47 helicopter that I had hot-roded to spray crops with.

Amongst my struggles here, I found that too many times the working people and the small businesses were getting the short end of the stick at the hands of career politicians and downtown political machines that had become completely disconnected to the plight of the working folks and the mom and pop small businesses.

Politicians everywhere “talk” about creating jobs, yet very few bring the vision and tools to create new jobs.  It takes major money and keen vision to bring new jobs. Money must be found; sometimes it must seemingly come out of thin air. I have a “nose” for hustling public grant monies.

In the last two years, by persistence and scientific arguments, I have had the heaviest hand in pushing through the acquisitions of $1.2 million dollars in public funds for the revitalization of the Jeanerette airport.  While I do not claim to have done this alone, my initiatives and stubbornness did make the difference. These monies will turn over many times in the community, creating jobs and revenues for area businesses that will supply these projects and also, for once, the Jeanerette airport will become financially self-supporting.

Working people and small business will always come first with me. I bring with me visionary tools to make life a little better for the citizens in District 22 and Louisiana at large.

Ken Squires



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