Delegate John O'Neal
 Our Kids, Our Future

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I am John O’Neal, Republican Republican member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, District 27 (Raleigh and Summers Counties). I have spent more than twenty years as an educator and coach in our state, and five years as a small business owner. I find it troubling that many of our best and brightest leave our state after finishing school. Parents, teachers, and other caring adults invest so much time, energy, and love into their lives, and the taxpayers of our state invest so much money in their education, only to see them leave our state for a decent job or a better opportunity to start a business.

We can’t blame the kids. Our policies have driven employers and entrepreneurs away, and our kids have gone with them.  West Virginia is 47th in the nation in business climate, and dead last in legal climate. In just a couple of generations our average income has plunged from 30th in the nation to 49th. Politicians in Charleston and Washington continue to push massive government expansion, while killing jobs in our coal industry, and discouraging new jobs due to high taxes, complex regulations, and anti-business legal environment.

I believe we can have a better West Virginia in our lifetimes. I will lead the effort to restore economic freedom, lessen the burden of government, and decrease job-killing taxes and regulations. A better business climate will result in economic growth and more jobs, which will increase state revenues, both corporate and personal. Then we can adequately fund public education, provide higher quality healthcare for our most needy, build more modern roads, and develop our water and sewer infrastructure. Family values are also very important to our quality of life, and I will support policies that strengthen families and protect innocent human life.

I have been fortunate enough to lead several teams to state championships, and to be selected West Virginia State Coach of the Year. I have learned that natural talent alone does not win titles; it takes hard work, correct principles, and a team effort to achieve success on the court, and in life. We can make a difference in this election, and leave our state a better place for our children and grandchildren. If we are going to change the direction of our state, we all have to join the team and get in the game. 

For “Our Kids, Our Future,”

John O'Neal

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