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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 25, 2014

-- Ferguson grand jury decision sparks protests; police respond with tear gas - Kim Janssen
-- Rauner hoping for further court guidance on pension reform - BRIAN SLODYSKO
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Mary Mitchell, someone who claims to speak for all minorities, for all females, and for all other oppressed groups says that they do not trust Whites.)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: The Chicago Sun-Times says "Judge candidates on gun, pension plans."  However, Democrats are extremely divisive.  Democrats shout at minorities, at women, at younger people, at people who have less money than others, at people who have problems including health problems, at people whose ancestors have not been in America, and at everyone that a) Republicans caused everyone's problems and b) Democrats will take more and more and more money away from Republicans and give that money to those who vote for Democrats.
-- 8 seek appointment to DuPage County Board - Bob Goldsborough
-- Door closes on Welcome Home Illinois program - Mary Ellen Podmolik  (DIERSEN: Have you ever sought/obtained mortgage assistance?  I have not.  Of course, my critics use that to hint/imply/argue/shout that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and that I have always been privileged.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Illinois is ending a popular mortgage down payment assistance program a bit earlier than planned, since the $80 million pot has been exhausted. Welcome Home Illinois, started in spring and administered by the Illinois Housing Development Authority, has been the most successful homebuyer assistance program in the state's history. As of Friday morning, 10,356 homebuyers had received or reserved $7,500 in down payment assistance, according to agency spokeswoman Cami Freeman. The home purchases will translate to more than $1.3 billion in home mortgage loans, and many of the program participants were millennials. About three-quarters of buyers were age 34 or younger. The average credit score of participants was 711. "In IHDA's over 30 years of mortgage lending, we have never financed this many first-time homebuyers," Freeman said. "The best year on record before this was 2,900. It shows it was the right time to get people off the sidelines and into their first home and the economic impact of that was huge. These are first-time homebuyers. They are the first rung on the home-buying ladder." Under the program, first-time buyers or consumers who didn't own a home for three years were eligible for a $7,500 forgivable loan and a below-market interest rate on a 30-year, fixed-rate loan if they bought a single-family home or two-flat to use as their primary residence.)
-- Grand jury does not indict Ferguson police officer - AP
-- Chaos in Ferguson after no indictment announced - AP
-- St. Charles committee approves massage parlor rules - James Fuller  (DIERSEN: The Libertarian Party platform promotes prostitution.  What do Libertarians and Libertarian plants have to say about that?)
-- Diversity leader Clyde H. Brooks: Ferguson another reason to diversify police - Sara Hook  (DIERSEN: Democrats run the federal government.  What about diversity in the federal government?  I worked for GAO 1980-1997, for IRS 1971-1980, and for the Post Office 1966-1969.  I was one of the last Republicans that GAO has hired since 1980, that IRS has hired since 1971, and that the Post Office has hired since 1966.  Political affiliation discrimination has always been rampant in the federal government.  My superiors, supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates in the federal government were always under pressure from Democrat politicians to get rid of federal employees who were Republican.)
-- Naperville mayor's race likely starting with February primary - Marie Wilson
-- Ferguson decision brings protests to Lake Shore Drive - AP
-- Durbin Optimistic About Rauner - John Gregory
-- Session with Rep. Smiddy was informative - Tom Slothower
-- GOP government job-hunters had best calm down  New Rauner administration nowhere near ready to hire - Rich Miller  (DIERSEN: Are/were you a "government job-hunter?"  In 1971 when I was 22 years old, was not a "government job-hunter," but nevertheless, I accepted a job offer from IRS.  Firestone Stores had just fired me because I had accepted a job offer from Oldsmobile.  But then, Oldsmobile withdrew its job offer saying that it had just agreed to stop hiring Whites to settle an EEOC complaint.)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Jerry Ryberg of Galesburg blames Republicans for his problems, for your problems, and for everyone's problems.
-- Wheaton Ranked Among Most Family Friendly Cities in Illinois  Excellent public safety, parks and schools and a low unemployment rate helped earn Wheaton a No. 6 spot on this list. - Amie Schaenzer  (DIERSEN: What do you say to Democrats, Democrat plants, Libertarians, Libertarian plants, Greens, Green plants, etc. in Wheaton who demonize, denigrate and condemn Republicans?  What do you say to those who encourage people to come to Wheaton and to stay in Wheaton a) who lack education and/or job skills, b) who have severe financial, health, and/or other problems, and/or c) who have criminal records?)
-- Universities get dire warning about state budget plans - Kurt Erickson  (DIERSEN: I am a non-veteran White male who worked for GAO 1980-1997.  All during those almost 18 years, GAO got "dire warnings" from politicians about budget cuts.  How did GAO respond?  GAO did everything that it could to get rid of its non-veteran White male employees who it had not promoted to GS-13 ($90,561 in today's dollars) before they were 25, GS-14 ($107,016) before they were 30, GS-15 ($125,881) before they were 35, and Senior Executive Service ($145,700) before they were 40.  Extremely few non-veteran White males get promoted that fast in the federal government.  Nevertheless, if you are a non-veteran White male federal employee who did not get promoted that fast, virtually everyone considers you to be an unmitigated failure.)
-- IL Governor- Elect Bruce Rauner featured on the "Public Affairs" TV show tonight in Chicago and suburbs - Jeff Berkowitz
-- THE PATHETIC REPUBLICAN RESPONSE TO EXECUTIVE ACTION - Howard Foster  (DIERSEN: How have the following responded to Obama's outrageous executive action: your Republican Precinct Committeeman/Captain, the officers of your Republican township/ward and county party organizations, your representative on the Illinois Republican Party (IRP) State Central Committee, the IRP officers, the IRP National Committeeman and Committeewoman, the Republicans on the ballot in your precinct who won on November 4, 2014 including Bruce Rauner and Evelyn Pacino Sanguinetti, your Republican municipal, township/ward, and county officials, your Republican state representative and senator, Illinois Republican House Leader Jim Durkin, Illinois Republican Senate Leader Christine Radogno, Treasurer Dan Rutherford, Comptroller Judy Barr Topinka, your Republican U.S. Congressman, and U.S. Senator Mark Kirk?)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: I wish I could say that the Republicans have acquitted themselves well responding to the President’s executive action speech. But they have not offered an alternative way of dealing with the broken immigration system. I’d like to hear someone in the leadership state what should be done about the millions of illegals here. The closest we have to a respectable voice on the subject is Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama who points out what most people instinctively believe: illegal immigrants compete against Americans for low-wage jobs, driving down wages even more, consume more in services than they contribute in taxes, and commit more crimes than citizens. Everything the President said to the contrary in his speech is reactionary nostalgia typical of the late 1800’s. Our Illinois members of Congress are, as usual, awful in their public statements on this subject. They range from the demagogic Luis Gutierrez, elected from a gerrymandered district designed to elect only an Hispanic, to the smug Sen. Durbin, who rightly sees young illegal immigrants as Democrats in waiting, to the tongue-tied Sen. Mark Kirk. Recall that Kirk is still trying to quell rumors of his retirement. One would have hoped he might actually have something significant to say about the President’s speech. Does he have an alternative immigration proposal? Given that Illinois has a million illegal immigrants, what does he believe should happen to them? But, true to form he is apparently taking the pulse of the electorate before committing himself to any principle. All I can discern about his views on immigration is that he promised to oppose any form of amnesty in his 2010 campaign, and then voted for the Senate bill last year which would have legalized every illegal immigrant in the nation. i.e., he is utterly untrustworthy. Congressman Aaron Schock held forth on MSNBC on Friday morning and said the president had “destroyed the trust necessary to negotiate” an immigration bill. I wonder just what the President did to earn the trust of Mr. Schock on this issue? The President has made his policy preferences clear on immigration since launching his 2008 campaign. He favored drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, a provocative stand, to the left even of Hillary Clinton, and criticized her for being too tough on them. Any Republican who can trust him on this issue cannot be trusted by us. This is a pathetic response to the President.)
-- BRUCE AND DIANA RAUNER TO PARTICIPATE IN RED CROSS DISASTER RELIEF TELETHON  (DIERSEN: Government is nasty. Politics is nasty.  The stronger that you claim to be religious, conservative, Republican, and/or American, the more money and time that those who are anti-religious, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, and/or anti-American expect you to give to charities.  My Democrat superiors, supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates in the federal government expected me to give lots of my money and time to charities.)
-- Obama heads to Chicago to pitch executive actions on immigration  (DIERSEN: Do you support the immigration plank in the Illinois Republican Party (IRP) platform?  I do.  Increasingly, in Illinois, in DuPage County, in Milton Township, and in Wheaton, if you support the immigration plank in the IRP platform like I do, you are viciously demonized, denigrated, and condemned as being a racist by those who are anti-White, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, anti-American, operatives for the aforesaid, and/or dupes for the aforesaid.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: President Obama will head to Chicago Tuesday to pitch his new executive actions on immigration to community leaders, while Congress is on Thanksgiving recess. Obama is scheduled to speak to the city’s community leaders, as part of his ongoing campaign to promote his decision to bypass Congress enacting his executive actions that could spare nearly five million illegal immigrants deportation. The president is scheduled to speak at the pre-dominantly Polish-American side of Chicago on the measures. He is trying to show how his immigration reform plan could affect all immigrants, not just those of the Latino community. The GOP is expected to retaliate, but no plan has been mentioned. Obama is expected to highlight what the White House says are the economic advantages of his executive decision and to counter Republican criticism that his measures exceed his authority. The Chicago visit is his second trip out of Washington to draw attention to his actions since he announced them Thursday. Last Friday, the president spoke in Las Vegas, another city with a large Latino population. Obama has a mixed history in Chicago over the question of immigration. He conceded in his 2006 book "The Audacity of Hope" that his experiences there led him to reflect on the meaning of citizenship and "my sometimes conflicted feelings about all the changes that are taking place." In 2006, when he was a senator from Illinois, he denied a request from about 30 Mexican nationals living in Chicago for a special piece of legislation that would protect them from deportation. The decision infuriated immigration activists in the city. But Obama has also backed an overhaul of immigration law, and while he initially angered advocacy groups by delaying his executive actions until after this month's midterm elections, last week's measures have generally been greeted with enthusiasm from immigration advocates and Latino groups.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The following week, they featured none other than leftist political activist, Gloria Steinem who was likewise urging the star of the show, "Alicia Florrick," to run for state attorney general. The Good Wife, Alicia, is an atheist, but now that she's running for attorney general, she has to go on camera and state that she's "searching," rather than stating the truth that she's not a believer in God. So her campaign manager shows her clips of two politicians who were making similar statements prior to elections. First was neo-con Trotskyite Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk, who was making a statement about his alleged faith after his 2012 stroke. Then they drag in far left Democrat, New York Senator Charles Shumer to talk about his faith and his love of his local synagogue. I can't wait to see what leftist commie they feature next on this program. Of course every program today has a lesbian or gay couple, and they're pushing the envelope with the sexual scenes.)
-- 2016 GOP hopefuls struggle to appease base on amnesty without angering Hispanics - Seth McLaughlin  (DIERSEN: Are you part of the Republican Party base?  I have always been part of the Republican Party base.  The Republican Party base supports the Republican Party platform.  What do you say to "Republican" activists, candidates, elected officials, party leaders, major donors, political consultants, etc. in America, in Illinois, in your county, in your township/ward, and in your municipality who increasing make it clear that they despise if not hate the Republican Party platform and those who support it?  I should write an article, or maybe a book about RINOs, Democrat Party plants, Libertarian Part plants, Green Party plants, etc. in Illinois, in DuPage County, in Milton Township, and in Wheaton.  They would love it.)
-- Washington Post Oozes Over Illegal Alien Reporter-Activist Jose Antonio Vargas Who Lied to Get a Washington Post Job - Tim Graham
-- CNN Contributor Donna Brazile Makes Incendiary, Unfounded Claim About Michael Brown Shooting — and No One Corrects Her - Jason Howerton
-- Ferguson Erupts in Violence After Grand Jury Decision
-- Barack Obama Signature Moments: 5 Early Life Events That Led President's Rise - Jerry Shaw  (DIERSEN: How high have you risen?  What early life events led to your rise?  Who influenced your political views?)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The ability to run into the right people at the right time imprinted the Barack Obama signature on U.S. politics. Beginning in his youth, Obama was being molded into presidential material. Here are five early life events that helped propel him to the White House: 1. Obama didn’t have a relationship with his father, divorced from his mother when Barack was 2 years old, or his stepfather from Indonesia where the family lived until he was 10. On his return to Hawaii, he lived with his maternal grandparents. During his teens in Hawaii, he was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a "card-carrying Communist" who would influence Obama’s political views, according to Paul Kengor in his book “The Communist.” A student who later knew him at Occidental College remarked that Obama was already well versed in Marxist theory by 1980, although not a communist.)
-- 'Stupidity' consultant Jonathan Gruber agrees to testify - Sarah Ferris  (DIERSEN: How stupid does Gruber think you are?  Gruber would join my Democrat superiors, supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates in the federal government who hinted/implied/argued/shouted that I am stupid because a) I did not become a Democrat, b) I support the equal opportunity (no race or gender based preference giving) plank in the Republican Party platform, c) I oppose age discrimination, and d) I have never painted myself as being a yes-man.  Gruber would join RINOs, Democrats, Democrat plants, Libertarian plants, Greens, and Green plants in Wheaton, in Milton Township, in DuPage County, and in Illinois who hint/imply/argue/shout that I am stupid because a) I support the traditional family, immigration, right to life, gambling, illegal drugs, Second Amendment, equal opportunity (no race or gender based preference giving), and other planks in the Illinois Republican Party platform and the Republican Party platform, b) I oppose age discrimination, and c) I have never painted myself as being a yes-man.)
-- No indictment in Ferguson - David McCabe
-- Ferguson businesses torched in overnight protests - JIM SALTER and DAVID A. LIEB
-- No Charges Against Ferguson Officer in Michael Brown Shooting - MONICA DAVEY and JULIE BOSMANN
-- The Unifying Leader - David Brooks  (DIERSEN: I should write an article, or maybe a book about "leaders" in Illinois, in DuPage County, in Milton Township, and in Wheaton who claim to be religious, conservative, and/or Republican who focus on getting rid of people like me who support the traditional family, immigration, right to life, illegal drugs, gambling, Second Amendment, equal opportunity (no race or gender based preference giving), and other planks in the Illinois Republican Party platform and the Republican Party platform.  They would love it.  They focus on destroying people like me who they cannot dominate or manipulate.)
-- Is Harvard Unfair to Asian-Americans? - YASCHA MOUNK  (DIERSEN: If you give preference to one group, by definition, you are discriminating against other groups.)
-- The Incredible Shrinking Action in Atlantic City - Editorial
-- Charles E. Schumer to Urge Democrats to ‘Embrace Government’ - JEREMY W. PETERS  (DIERSEN: Those who are anti-religious, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-rich people, anti-gun owners, and/or anti-people whose ancestors have been in America for a long time want you to "embrace government.")
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Those who are anti-White, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, and/or anti-American promote "immigration reform.
-- Protesters across the country react to grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson - Soraya Nadia McDonald
-- President Obama’s celeb crush: Meryl Streep - Emily Heil
-- No indictment in Michael Brown shooting - Moni Basu, Ralph Ellis and Dana Ford
-- Fires, chaos erupt in Ferguson after grand jury doesn't indict in Michael Brown case - Moni Basu, Holly Yan and Dana Ford
-- Ferguson decision triggers nationwide protests - John Bacon and Gary Strauss
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Those who are anti-White, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, and/or anti-American promote Obama.
-- Obama’s Immigration Enablers - DAVID B. RIVKIN JR. And  ELIZABETH PRICE FOLEY  (DIERSEN: Who are the Obama immigration enablers in Illinois, in your county, in your township/ward, in your municipality, and in your precinct?)
-- The Secret to Resisting Temptation - ANN LUKITS  (DIERSEN: Needless-to-say, I oppose using booze and other vices to attract people to politics.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: People Who Excel at Resisting Temptation Deliberately Avoid Tempting Situations, Says a Study.  People who excel at resisting temptation might have a secret strategy: They deliberately avoid situations in which their self-control might fail, says a study in the February issue of Personality and Individual Differences. Highly disciplined individuals often make decisions that minimize their exposure to temptations and distractions, the study suggests. Effective self-control has been linked to happiness and success in life while failures of self-control can have costly consequences, researchers said. The latest study suggests people with good self-control may use so-called proactive avoidance to avoid resisting temptation. Researchers at Florida State University recruited 38 students ages 18 to 23 years old. Self-control was rated using a scale that included 13 statements about the participants’ discipline. Half the students were ranked as above average in self-control and half were below average.)
-- Ferguson Police Officer Not Charged in Black Teen’s Shooting  Grand Jury Doesn’t Indict Police Officer Darren Wilson in Michael Brown’s Death - BEN KESLING And  MARK PETERS
-- Illinois Debt Set to Slump on Pension Ruling, Wells Capital Says - Brian Chappatta
-- Hagel’s Resignation Raises Questions About Obama’s Judgment - JOHN CASSIDY  (DIERSEN: Have you been forced to resign?  I have.  Outrageously, in 1969, my Democrat superiors in the Park Forest Post Office forced me to resign my part-time job saying that I could not commit to working enough hours.  They would not have done that if I had been a Democrat, a minority, a female, or a veteran.  I had committed to work Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and every day that NIU was not in session.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: On Monday, Obama effectively fired Hagel from his post as Defense Secretary, which Hagel had held for less than two years. . .“Senior defense officials told NBC News Monday that Hagel was forced to resign,” Milazsewski reported.)
-- Report Recommends Federal Workforce Cuts for Deficit Reduction - Ian Smith  (DIERSEN: I should write an article, or maybe a book about those in Wheaton, in Milton Township, in DuPage County, and in Illinois who want my Civil Service Retirement System pension and federal health insurance subsidy to be reduced if not eliminated. They would love it. They blame me for my problems, for their problems, for your problems, and for everyone's problems.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The Congressional Budget Office recently issued a report outlining ways to reduce the growing federal deficit. The report, Options for Reducing the Deficit: 2015 to 2024, contains some suggestions that would impact the federal workforce (both directly and indirectly) if they were to be implemented. Some of the items from the report likely to be of most interest to federal employees are included in their entirety below. Many of these will have a familiar ring to them as they have been floated in various cost cutting proposals over the last several years. (A quick search on the site for some of these topics will yield numerous past articles) The full report ( includes other cost saving suggestions as well, such as various tax increases and cuts to programs in specific federal agencies.)
-- Dreamers: We Are All Mike Brown
-- Undergrads Welcome Obama Immigration Order - QUYNH-NHU LE  (DIERSEN: What percent of Harvard undergrads describe themselves as being anti-religious, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-rich people, anti-gun owners, anti-veterans, anti-people whose ancestors have been in America for a long time?)

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