Paul Richmond, Democrat for Congress
We Can Do Better.

Write to your Newspaper


Despite the fact that there has been much dissatisfaction with the incumbents votes, and despite the fact that the Paul Richmond campaign has received significant endorsements, including Dicks former Field Organizer, the campaign has been met with a near total “white-out.”


Please right a letter to your local newspaper stating why this campaign is important and why you are supporting it.  (Make sure you mention the campaign by name!)


Please keep your total to allowed by the local newspaper, usually about 200 words.


Remember this is a top two primary so if this campaign is one of the top two vote getters, we will advance to the general election.  This is a great opportunity to get the issues of this campaign out and to the public. 



Here are several contacts:


Tacoma News Tribune:,

Newsroom: 253-597-8686

Breaking news: 253-597-8688



Kitsap Sun

Newsroom (360) 792-8558


The Daily World

Attn. City Editor, P.O. Box 269, Aberdeen, Wa. 98520


Peninsula Daily News

For letters to the editor and guest columns:


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Paid for by Paul Richmond for Congress