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November 7, 2012

-- For Illinois Republicans, the gloom settles in GOP congressional, legislative losses tied to Obama's popularity, Democratic redistricting. - Rick Pearson, Monique Garcia and Ray Long,0,4109158.story
-- Illinois GOP Chairman: No Use Complaining About Re-Map - Mike Krauser (DIERSEN: Promoting diversity was always one of the federal government's top priorities while I worked for the federal government for almost 30 years.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The state’s Republican Party chairman says yesterday’s losses are nothing to whine about. It was a tough day for the GOP as the Democrat-redrawn legislative districts sent four new Dem House members from Illinois to Congress. Dems also solidified their majority in the Illinois General Assembly. Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady said there’s no use complaining about the maps. “I am not offering this as an excuse. It was a tough map for us, those were heavily gerrymandered districts,” Brady said. "We didn’t win as many as we thought we would. They all fought great races. The Democratic national party had to come in and spend $15 to $20 million.” Brady said on a national level the party needs to be more diverse. He added that some of the rising stars in the GOP understand that and represent more diversity. They will do better come 2016, he said.)
-- Expert: Redistricting A Big Factor In Democrats’ Wins In Illinois - Craig Dellimore
-- State GOP Chair Pat Brady and crew must resign - Doug Ibendahl
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The Illinois Republican Party officially imploded yesterday. The Chicago Sun-Times calls it a “bloodbath.” That’s putting it mildly. From the U.S. Congressional races lost across the state to the veto-proof majorities the Democrats gained in both the Illinois House and Illinois Senate, it may be the single worst failure for the Illinois Republican Party in the history of the GOP. But no one should be surprised. State GOP Chair Pat Brady and his crew have spent most of their time trying to prevent voters from voting. Brady & Co. have done nothing but work to shrink our party instead of working to build an organization that can compete and win. Back in June at the Illinois Republican State Convention, the Illinois GOP had one last chance to turn things around going into this election. I and others championed a reform that would have opened-up the Illinois Republican Party and made it more inclusive and participatory. We worked to give every Republican back a voice in their Party. We tried to give every Republican back their vote for their top State Party officials. It could have been accomplished in June. Our Party could have been energized by giving the Illinois GOP back to Republican voters. Nothing would have fired-up volunteer energy going into election season like the Illinois GOP declaring that it was going to end the closed culture of the past. We would not only be a more open Party today, we would also be a more diverse Party. But that didn’t happen. So hostile were Brady and his handlers to the idea of Republicans voting – they wouldn’t even allow the delegates to vote on whether Republicans should have a vote. The direct election resolution had to clear a committee before it could be voted on by the full delegation the next day. Brady & Co. simply stacked that committee with a puppet majority and killed reform in the crib. A full report on that disgrace is here: Mike Madigan’s 11 favorite Republicans. It’s simple. If you rig conventions to keep fellow Republicans from voting, why would you possibly expect anyone to vote for you in some other election? If you demonstrate you’re hostile to people voting, of course voters aren’t going to vote for you. Pat Brady and the entire State Central Committee he chairs need to do the right thing. For the good of our Party they all need to resign today. All have proven they can’t lead. Yesterday simply provided the latest evidence. It’s also a given that Tom Cross must resign his leadership position in the Illinois House, and Christine Radogno must resign her leadership position in the Illinois Senate. Few thought the GOP could become more irrelevant in Springfield, but it happened yesterday. If the GOP State Representatives and State Senators who serve under them won’t demand it, they should go too. Right now they all just represent overhead we can’t afford and a drag on our already weak Illinois economy. If yesterday wasn’t a wake-up call to all the enablers out there, I honestly don’t know what it’s going to take. But it’s time for Republicans to stop whining about Madigan and do something to clean out the awful officials on our own team. If you’re serious about beating the Democrats some day, get serious about making our Illinois Republican Party a vehicle that can compete.)
-- ‘FIRE PAT BRADY’ New Calls for IL GOP Chairman to Resign After Tuesday’s Election Disaster
-- Will the Illinois GOP disappear like the Whigs? - Mark Brown (DIERSEN: On who/what do your representative in the Illinois Republican Party State Central Committee and the officers of your Republican township/ward/county party organization blame the loses on?)
-- Election gives big wins to Mike Madigan, John Cullerton - Dave McKinney
-- Jesse Jackson Jr. in plea deal talks with feds, sources say - Michael Sneed
-- Come back Republicans; we need you - Editorial (DIERSEN: I am not one of those "right-wing" pundits who says that Romney lost because he is not "conservative enough." Romney promised to defend and advance the Republican Party platform if he was elected.)
(FROM THE EDITORIAL: Tuesday night, Mitt Romney lost DuPage County, a region once as deeply and predictably Republican red as Nancy Reagan's election night frocks. In Springfield, the Democrats now hold a veto-proof majority not only in Michael Madigan's House of Representatives but in John Cullerton's Senate as well. The Illinois GOP lost three congressional seats in suburban Chicago. On his Capitol Fax blog this morning, veteran political observer Rich Miller termed it a "bloodbath" for Republicans. That's putting it mildly. Democrats are entitled to savor their victory lap today. And as President Barack Obama's party enjoys its hard-earned fist pumps and high-fives, the Republicans are forming their circular firing squad. Some in the right-wing punditocracy already are saying the trouble was that the party's standard-bearer, Mr. Romney, and his down-ticket compatriots simply weren't conservative enough. We hope the GOP leadership arrives at the opposite conclusion. In Illinois, the challenges ahead range from serious to downright unnerving. Our unfunded pension liability now runs at $83 billion and climbing, the highest in the nation. To defuse the pension time bomb, we face tough and unpalatable choices — reductions in promised benefits to state employees who paid into the system, or some form of tax hikes, or cuts in public services, or all of the above. Meanwhile, too many Illinoisans can't find work and companies continue to weigh the costs and benefits of decamping for more business-friendly states. Our schools churn out too many children ill-prepared for gainful employment and our infrastructure continues to crumble around us. On the national front, we have an economy that's still in need of some juice, a budget that must be balanced while also promoting the general welfare, and the question of what to do about climate change and immigration policy, just to name a few top-of-mind concerns. And as we continue to chart a course toward recovery from the deepest recession since the 1930s, we see troubling developments beyond our borders — most alarming, of course, are Europe tilting toward insolvency and the prospect of a nuclear Iran. In short, the challenges we face are enormous and vexing. To meet them, we need a viable, capable and credible opposition party. Put another way: We need Republicans to rethink their very reason for being. In the near term, that means the national GOP needs representatives and, eventually, candidates to come forward with serious policy proposals that have appeal beyond the party's ultra-conservative base. We need pragmatists who are ready to cooperate with Democrats to do the people's work. We need less of a fixation on the social issues that divide us and more of an emphasis on ideas and solutions to our shared problems as a state and as a nation. A party that can argue for leaner government, sensible regulation and individual liberty should be able to win majorities in this country and particularly in the state of Illinois, where the Democratic machine has had a stranglehold on Springfield for too long. But the primary system here and elsewhere effectively screens out moderates who could win general elections — a situation that will only intensify as the nation's demographics shift away from a white Protestant majority and toward a more diverse new reality. Tuesday's losses should be a long overdue wakeup call for the Republican leadership: The Tea Party path they have been on since President Obama's first victory is a dead end. Come back, for all of our sake.)
-- Obama won — with lots of Republican help. Now can they work together? - Greg Hinz (DIERSEN: Needless-to-say, anyone who voted for Obama is NOT a Republican.)
-- Governor's Race Up Next For Illinois - Mary Ann Ahern & Lisa Balde
(FROM THE ARTICLE: On the GOP side, there are plenty of potential candidates with at least five or six Republicans potentially running for the seat. Names on the docket include: Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford, Sen. Kirk Dillard, Sen. Bill Brady, Rep. Aaron Schock and businessman Bruce Rauner.)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Luis Gutierrez, who claims to speak for all Hispanics, makes it clear that he despises, if not hates, Americans, especially those who are conservative, White, male, older, Republican, non-poor, and/or non-veteran.)
-- Joe Walsh for governor in 2014? - Kerry Lester
(FROM THE ARTICLE: I’ve exchanged texts with Bobby Schilling, I’ve talked with him a little bit. He’s down, he’s surprised. I’m going to reach out to Bob Dold. I had a great conversation with (Republican U.S. reps.) Peter Roskam; Don Manzullo called me. As a group, we’re all pretty shocked. As a delegation, when you look at the change, we now have an 11-8 advantage. I think we’re going to be down to a 12-6 disadvantage. Because Judy, myself and Bob Dold lost, we now have no have no Republican representation in that inner ring of suburbs. That’s not a good thing.)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats and Democrat plants, Libertarians and Libertarian plants, and RINOs blame Republicans for Romney's loss.
-- Five reasons Democrats rolled in the suburbs - Mike Riopell
-- Democrats win 3 suburban Congressional seats - Ravi Baichwal
-- President Barack Obama gets 2nd term: What's next? - Charles Thomas
-- Dems, GOP talk about healing divided nation - Robert Jordan,0,3102034.story
-- Pat Cunningham wants Republicans to pander to minorities, to women, to young people, to illegals, to homosexuals, to promiscuous people, to people with less money, to etc. like the Democrats do.
-- How much did it cost Tea Party GOPer Joe Walsh to lose? About $70 a vote - Natasha Korecki
-- Dillard eyes another run for governor - Kimberly Fornek
-- Why Conservatives Can’t Win - Warner Todd Huston
-- Limbaugh: "The Right is outnumbered, and we're losing ground ..."
-- VERY SAD: Reid vows renewed push for Dream Act Immigration activists gleeful - Stephen Dinan
-- Conservatives call on GOP leaders to step down - J.C. Derrick
-- Don't blame Romney - Ann Coulter
-- Fox News Conservatives Lose Credibility - Cliff Kincaid
-- Why Mitt Romney Lost - Christopher Ruddy
-- Exit polls show President Obama should go on listening tour, not take victory lap Mitt Romney will be chastised for his missteps. But he isn’t the only one who was tone deaf. Voters are ambivalent about President Obama and his record. He needs to listen to the echoes from the exit polls, broaden his approach, and seek a new direction for his second term. - Amy E. Black, associate professor of political science and chair of the department of politics and international relations at Wheaton College
-- President Obama and Democrats Won Embracing Demography as Destiny - Christine Pelosi (DIERSEN: What do you say to those who look forward to the day when the last conservative old White male non-poor non-veteran Republican dies in America?)
-- Dow Plunges 312.95 to 3-Month Low - Jonathan Cheng (DIERSEN: Democrats drove the Dow down to elect a Democrat in 2008. Democrats drove the Dow up to reelect Obama in 2012.)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Increasingly, Americans vote for which candidate promises to give them the most preference.
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Leslie Marshall wants Republicans to pander to minorities, to women, to young people, to illegals, to homosexuals, to promiscuous people, to people with less money, to etc. like the Democrats do.
-- Has the Tea Party Lost its Mojo? - Elizabeth Dwoskin (DIERSEN: What do say to those who argue that the Tea Party formed only because of my shortcomings as the chairman of TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois?)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats crow over their success in promoting dependency on government, homosexual activity, abortion, out-of-wedlock birth, promiscuity, illegal immigration, race and gender based preference giving, and worse.)
-- Schock may be running for governor
-- Why revenge is sweet Obama was right: The GOP got the electoral rebuke it needed, and that's good for the country, and the party - Joan Walsh (DIERSEN: Those who like Joan Walsh who are anti-religious, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, and anti-American crow over Democrat victories.)
-- Reid Calls Democrats 'Party of Diversity'; Vows to Pass Immigration Reform (DIERSEN: Increasingly, the Democrat Party is anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-religious, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, and anti-American.)
-- GOP Chief Pat Brady: We will persevere - Kurt Erickson
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady’s plan to win seats in the Illinois General Assembly didn’t work. His main angle of attack this election season was to bash House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, characterizing the longtime Democratic leader as the root of all evil in the Land of Lincoln. Voters apparently didn’t pay attention. Again. Prior attempts to use the speaker as a whipping post didn’t work either. Following Tuesday's balloting, Democrats are poised to gain seats in both the state Senate and the House. Brady told me Tuesday night that the key to the Democratic trouncing was because Democrats controlled the legislative map-making process. The once-per-decade redistricting process allowed Democrats to craft boundaries favorable to Democratic candidates. So, the Democratic Party of Illinois raises the state income tax by 67 percent and fails to address the pension meltdown facing state government, yet still makes big gains in the General Assembly. Remember the map argument when the remaining GOP members of the House and Senate consider ousting the current GOP leaders – House Minority Leader Tom Cross and Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno. Brady said he’ll have more to say when the dust settles on Wednesday. “We will persevere,” Brady said.)
-- VERY SAD: Cheers, confetti greet President Obama in Chicago
-- "A bloodbath for Republicans" at the Statehouse: Dems gain veto-proof majorities - Dave McKinney
-- Romney concession speech. - Lynn Sweet
-- Chicago voters send indicted ex-rep Smith back to Illinois Legislature - Art Golab
-- DIERSEN HREADLINE: Neil Steinberg demonizes, denigrates, and condemns religious people, conservatives, Republicans, Americans, etc.)
-- Obama declares victory: ‘The best is yet to come’ - Natasha Korecki (DIERSEN: What exactly is that "best?" Obama's supporters want Obama to get rid of religious people, conservatives, Republicans, Americans, etc., especially those who are White, male, older, non-poor, and non-veteran.)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Ebert blames Romney's defeat on religious people, conservatives, and Republicans, especially on those who are White, male, older, non-poor, and non-veteran. Ebert wants Republicans to "more to the center," that is, to promote dependency on government, homosexual activity, abortion, promiscuity, out-of-wedlock birth, promiscuity, illegal immigration, race and gender based preference giving, and worse.)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Millions fall for Democrat spin that Obama a) has improved the economy and b) will improve the economy.
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Wayne Wickman argues that illegals, minorities, women, young people, homosexuals, poor people, and people in big cites want more preference
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Chicago Sun-Times wants Republicans to completely surrender to Democrats
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Mary Mitchell wants Obama to give African Americans more preference
-- Optimism of 2008 replaced with dishing out 'revenge' Governing will be difficult after Obama's polarizing campaign - John Kass,0,1840859.column
-- Chicago Romney rally cheers wins elsewhere As Obama takes Illinois, fans of GOP hail other states going red - Ted Gregory,
-- Democratic leaders: We held onto state House, Senate - Ray Long and Michelle Manchir,0,6135286.story
-- Illinois Democrats and their realm - Editorial,0,2900759.story
-- Lauzen is new Kane County chairman - James Fuller
-- Obama barely misses repeating 2008 suburban sweep - Mike Riopell
-- Democrats take all three targeted House seats; GOP eyes governor’s race - Kerry Lester
-- ‘It’s been a long road,’ Sente says of win over Mathias - Steve Zalusky
-- Cullerton unseats Pankau, wins 23rd Senate - Marie Wilson
-- DuPage County Board keeps 3 Democrats - Robert Sanchez
-- Obama's re-election is a win for Chicago - Paul Merrion (DIERSEN: Obama's re-election is a loss not only for Chicago, not only for Cook County, not only for Illinois, not only for America, but for the world.)
-- Rogers, Emanuel join Obamas for election night - Shia Kapos
-- Republican sweep Kane countywide offices - Steve Lord
-- Lauzen wins Kane chairman race - Matt Brennan
-- Hultgren, Roskam re-elected, in friendlier districts - Dave Gathman (DIERSEN: In 2000, when I first ran for Republican Precinct Committeeman, outstandingly, Hultgren and Roskam both endorsed me at Jim Flickinger's request.)
-- Noland bests Collins for 22nd District seat: Oberweis, Crespo take their races - Mike Danahey
-- OUTSTANDING: Immigration crackdown nets 31
-- Obama: Wants to work with GOP - AP (DIERSEN: Really?)
-- Kinzinger ready for another term in Washington - Steve Stout
-- Oberweis finally wins - AP
-- Republicans sweep into four Champaign County offices - Don Dodson
-- Hultgren Win Brings GOP Dominance Back to Illinois' 14th Congressional District Randy Hultgren coasts to an easy win over Democrat Dennis Anderson—the first incumbent to win 14th District re-election since Dennis Hastert. - Rick Nagel
-- Incumbents Hold on to Will County Seats How Will County voted for county board seats, county positions and state and national races. - Melissa Sersland
-- 'We Need to Protect and Defend Township Government' - Marty Keller, Milton Township Trustee
(FROM THE LETTER: Milton Township Update With the general elections coming to a close on Nov. 6, the Illinois General Assembly saw it fit to force both parties to select their candidates for the March 2013 elections in the next four weeks. The internal campaigning within all parties is in full swing. I have not heard the names of Democrats running but the Republican field is pretty full. There are two candidates running for each position of Township Supervisor and Township Assessor plus eight candidates have declared their candidacy for Township Trustee. I see this as an indicator of a healthy interest in township government. Earlier this year, several issues were raised concerning township government and employee policies and procedures. While the personnel issues were addressed immediately in private, the Supervisor felt it would be best to update the Employee Manual and expand areas of concern. This revised manual will be completed shortly and then made available on-line at the Milton Township web site. Of greater concern is the talk of eliminating Township government all together. While this may have some merit in much of Cook County where there are very few unincorporated areas and the county assessor handles all properties, but that is hardly the case for the rest of the state. In DuPage County we need to know who would handle the General Assistance, Cemetery, Township roads as well as property assessment. What would be the cost of the replacement services or the loss of some services all together? Township government fills the many gaps that exist between the city and the county. For the foreseeable future, I think we need to protect and defend township government. I’ll close with a plug to aid the neediest of our neighbors. We can always use donations for our food pantry or donors to help fund our Holiday Basket Program. Call the main office at 630-668-1616 if you can help.)
-- October 28, 2012 Letter From Milton Township Trustee Jim Flickinger to DuPage County Milton Township Republican Precinct Committeemen
(FROM THE PRESS RELEASE: AN EVENT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC IS THIS HAPPENING IN MILTON TOWNSHIP? THOUSANDS SPENT ON TRAVEL JUNKETS; FINE DINING UNDOCUMENTED GAS PURCHASES? INSTALLATION OF SECRET AUDIO/VIDEO SURVEILLANCE PROGRAM? DRINKING/DRIVING OF TOWNSHIP VEHICLE? TOWNSHIP ASSETS USED TO HELP EMPLOYEES AND OTHERS RUN FOR OFFICE OVER MULTIPLE ELECTION CYCLES? FALSIFICATION OF BUDGET DOCUMENTS & MEETING MINUTES; ETC? WHAT CAN YOU DO? On November 7, please join me at Illinois Institute of Technology at 7PM for a presentation detailing the allegations of taxpayer abuse within Milton Township government. Every allegation will have an underlying public document for corroboration. A Question & Answer period will follow the presentation. All media is encouraged to attend. The presentation will be videotaped and televised. With Milton Township Republicans scheduled to “slate” Milton Township government candidates on November 14th and Township caucuses scheduled for December 4th, the presentation of “What’s the Matter with Milton Township Government?” is very timely. Join me on November 7 for “What’s the Matter with Milton Township Government?” Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Campus 201 East Loop Road, Wheaton, IL 60189)
-- Listed candidates for Milton Government office an other information of interest
-- Milton Township Assessor Bob Earl has sent the following email to Milton Township Republican Precinct Committeemen - Dave Diersen
(FROM THE BOB EARL EMAIL: To all of you who scoff at the idea that Democrats can't prevail in DuPage County, last night should be a wake-up call. Obama, once again, carried DuPage County. I was at one election night party last night and one of the winning GOP candidates ripped into the Republican Party. "The effect of the Democratic-friendly legislative maps coupled with President Barack Obama's huge numbers mean DuPage County will be represented by a Democrat in the state Senate for the first time in Illinois history." Read the whole story here We got our butts kicked here in Illinois. Those of you who think the Democrats can't beat Republicans for Township offices are not being realistic, given both tonight's results and the malfeasance of the incumbent Supervisor and Clerk and certain Trustees. But we have committeemen who: a) Don't care about these problems, b) Deny there are problems, c) Minimize the seriousness of the problems, d) Endorse the Supervisor, Clerk, and Trustees in spite of the problems they've created. I challenge you - especially those of you who fall into one of the above categories - to meet with Adam Andrzejewski on Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. at IIT - Rice Campus. The MTRCC leadership has denied the membership the opportunity to discuss the Township Government issues, so a venue to have these discussions outside of the current leadership has become necessary. This is America. Debate should not be stifled by Republicans. BTW, Andrzejewski is as Republican as any of us. Come and meet Adam for yourself. See his information - all Township documents provided by Heidorn and Clerk Hinkle through FOI requests. Stop listening to the misinformation of those committing the acts of malfeasance. They have a vested interest in deflecting attention away from themselves. LOOK AT THE FACTS. The voting public will be looking at the facts and they will recognize the problems, even if you refuse to do so.)
-- America Is Two Countries, Not on Speaking Terms - Michael Barone
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-males and anti-Whites propel Obama victory
-- Obama win ensures health law's future (THAT IS, ENSURE FEDERAL TAKEOVER OF ALL HEATHCARE IN AMERICA) - Sam Baker
-- Latino Voters In Election 2012 Help Sweep Obama To Reelection - Elise Foley
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats argue that "Improving economy helps Obama get 2nd Illinois win"
-- Question for the Victor: How Far Do You Push? - Peter Baker (DIERSEN: Obviously, Democrats want to get rid of Republicans completely. But if Democrats succeed in doing that, who then will Democrats blame problems on?)
-- The GOP’s silver lining: Holding control of the House - Sean Sullivan
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Of course, Democrats blame Romney's loss on Romey's promise to defend and advance the Republican Party platform.)
-- Big Bet Six Months Ago Paved Way for President - Patrick O'Connor (DIERSEN: I transferred from IRS to GAO in 1980. I will always remember my first day, my first weeks, my first months working there. I became increasingly clear that nasty envy-filled liberal Democrats in the office had done lots of opposition research on me. It was obvious that they had read every word and analyzed every picture in Money Magazines's February 1978 4-page article on me. They used everything that they could from that article to demonize me, to denigrate me, and to condemn me.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: One Sunday in May, Mr. Messina, the manager of President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, went to the president along with other top advisers and proposed an unorthodox strategy. The campaign, he said, wanted to spend heavily, starting immediately, on ads blasting away at Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The idea, explained to the president in a PowerPoint presentation in the Roosevelt Room, was to shape voters' impressions with a heavy expenditure before Mr. Romney had the money to do it for himself. The plan defied conventional wisdom, which said a campaign should start slowly with a positive message and save money for the stretch run. And it could leave the president exposed later. "If it doesn't work, we're not going to have enough money to go have a second theory in the fall," Mr. Messina said, according to people in the meeting. The president gave his approval. And within weeks the Obama campaign was blasting away in a late-spring offensive, forcing Mr. Romney to respond to charges about his business record and personal finances rather than making the president defend his record.)
-- A Sales Surge for Generac Backup-Power Companies Boost Production, Expecting Spike in Demand After Sandy's Devastation - Bob Tita
-- Wall Street Offers a Second Career for Former Politicians - Steven Davidoff
-- FRONT PAGE: Election confirms an entrenched divide amid new political realities. - Susan Page
-- Tea Party Darling Goes Down To Iraq War Veteran In Chicago - Bruce Japsen
-- Obama Leverages Auto Bailout for Crucial Midwest Wins - Jeff Green and Mark Niquette
-- Protestors boycott the Mi Pueblo supermarket’s use of the E-Verify immigration screening system (DIERSEN: If you want to shout that you are anti-White and that you are anti-American, boycott employers that use E-Verify.)
-- Largest Federal Employee Union Congratulates President Obama On Reelection - American Federation of Government Employees
-- Federal employee groups laud Obama victory, seek to end pay freeze - Charles S. Clark
-- What Obama’s victory will mean for feds - Sean Reilly (DIERSEN: What percent of federal employees are Democrats, what percent voted for Obama - 85%, 90%, 95+%? Democrats run the federal government. Political affiliation is rampant in the federal government. While I worked for the federal government for almost 30 years, virtually all my superiors, supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates were Democrats. As it became increasingly clear to them that I was never going to become a Democrat, they worked harder and harder and harder to get rid of me. If I had been a minority, a woman, disabled, or a veteran, they might have let me stay.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: President Obama’s victory in Tuesday’s election dramatically lessens the odds of any successful push for major reductions in federal pay and benefits. But in his second four-year term, the Democratic incumbent will confront a long-term budget outlook certain to keep a tight lid on employee compensation and agency spending, experts said. Record deficits aren’t going away because of the election, said John Palguta, vice president for policy at Partnership for Public Service. “There’s going to be continued pressure to find cost savings.” Tens of thousands of federal employees could face furloughs early next year, for example, if Congress and the White House don’t find a way to head off across-the-board budget cuts, known as sequestration, set to take effect Jan. 2. Even if the two sides come to an agreement to avert that crisis, the deal will likely entail major reductions to planned spending over the next decade. “There’s going to be budget pressure on every agency,” agreed Scott Cameron, a former Interior Department chief human capital officer now at R3 Government Solutions, a Virginia-based consulting firm. As a result, Cameron expects the overall federal workforce to shrink as employees retire and hirings lag behind. Indeed, Obama said in a recent interview with the Des Moines Register that he expects political leaders to reach a long-term deficit-reduction deal in the first six months of the next administration. That so-called “grand bargain” could include significant cuts to federal programs, staff and contracting. In 2011 and 2012, Obama froze base federal pay, although employees could still receive promotion raises and step increases. After proposing a 0.5 percent General Schedule increase for fiscal 2013, Obama prevailed on lawmakers to delay it until a full-year budget is approved. Agencies are now working under a six-month continuing resolution, meaning that the raise probably won’t take effect until April at the earliest. This past February, Obama signed into law an increase in the contribution rate for new federal employees hired after December from 0.8 percent of each paycheck to 3.1 percent. He also proposed as part of a deficit-reduction plan eliminating a supplemental payment to retirees covered under the Federal Employees Retirement System who are not yet eligible for Social Security. “Federal employees have contributed more than $75 billion toward getting our country’s fiscal standing back on track,” Joseph Beaudoin, president of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, said in a statement alluding to the long-term savings from the pay freeze and other belt-tightening moves. “We hope the president will defend federal workers and retirees from the waves of unfair attacks that incorrectly paint civil servants as the cause of our nation’s fiscal problems.” But if Republican nominee Mitt Romney had won Tuesday, federal employees faced potentially much deeper compensation cuts. Romney’s running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has sponsored a House-passed bill to increase the basic FERS employee contribution rate from 0.8 percent of salary to 5.8 percent over five years. The Democratic-controlled Senate has not acted on the measure. Unlike Romney, Obama made little mention of federal workforce issues during the campaign. So it came as a surprise last week when he revived plans for a sweeping government reorganization that would merge more than a half-dozen agencies and bureaus that handle business and trade functions. The proposed reorganization, which Obama first proposed last year, would combine much of the Commerce Department, along with the Small Business Administration, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and other agencies into a single unit.)
-- Illinois elects Sam Yingling as fourth gay state legislator - Tony Merevick
-- Obama Wins Second Term as LGBT Advocates Hope to Maintain Momentum - Justin Snow

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